Adding a 22nd fret to Fender Strat Buddy Guy Custom Model

We added a 22nd fret to this Fender Fender Stratocaster Buddy Guy Custom Model. Not as easy as it looks… We dug through our Maple until we found the piece with the closest matching grain; cut the fingerboard; carefully handcarved and shaped the new piece; radiused, fretted and refinished the fingerboard, and finally fret dressed it. The customer loved it!

Blackstar FLY mini amp, cabinet and power supply pack

BACK in stock! Blackstar Amplification FLY amp + cab combo are perfect for guitar playing or music playback, you can even use it at home thru your computer! $130, includes power supply (also battery-powered). Check out what else is on sale at

Mr Fancy Education guitar player

Caponne plays his emerald green Basone with his band Mr Fancy Education at the Commodore Ballroom. Awesome! You should see the pedals this guy makes! Photo by

caponne plays his custom basone guitar with his band mr fancy education in vancouver at the commodore ballroom

Custom gold top Basone guitar

Delivered this Gold-top Beauty a few days ago – a custom-ordered Basone Artist model, single cut-away, carved Maple top finished with REAL gold dust paint blend, semi hollow Mahogany body, high grade Mahogany neck with flame Maple binding, 3 Lollar Pickups. These are just teaser images.. we will have professional photos done soon and it be featured on our new website!

Epiphone Les Paul black gloss refinish

A promo Epiphone Les Paul Special “Oklahoma State University” guitar needed a makeover – after some high gloss black and a setup it actually plays quite nice!

Black Gloss Guitar Refinish by Basone

Chet Atkins signature guitar

Also a quick pic of the inside of a very expensive original Chet Atkins, it is mostly orig before our refret, and new vintage bone nut. LEARNED alot from this one, you can’t overstep boundaries on an original like this. The pickup is wild, wow!

chad-atkins-guitar-pickup chad-atkins-guitar

Elektra guitar built in effects module

This cool older elektra guitar was one of the guitars that had modules in the back of this huge cavity..u could swap them out for different effects, 2 jumbo toggle switches and pots to adjust effects, i love it!

electra-2 electra-1

Blackstar Amplification’s ID:Core “BEAM”

It has arrived! Blackstar Amplification’s ID:Core “BEAM” (bass,electric,acoustic,music) is a guitar amp with Bluetooth functionality and channels for electric, bass and acoustic guitars, as well as hi-fi quality music playback (awesome acoustic dual spkr design). Available FIRST in Vancouver at our shop, $359

Lap steel guitar upgrade

Lap Steel (legs installed) РDr Flunkert asked us to install three removable legs on this steel guitar, as he plays it in a few diff situations. After playing, just detach and put the legs in the case with the instrument. Catch the Dr playing whenever you can, its always a sweet treat!

Lap Steel Guitar detachable legs install by Basone in Vancouver

Lap Steel Guitar detachable legs install by Basone in Vancouver

Jackson Firebird white refinish

Jackson Firebird white refinish – looks much nicer than the original! Customer wanted to work on it, so he brought it in already stripped, and asked to leave the parts install for him to do it himself. Fine with us!