About Us

318 East 5th Avenue, BC Canada V5T 1H4. Phone 604 677 0311  MAP

Luthier Chris Bas at work at Basone Guitar Shop

Chris Bas at work at Basone Guitar Shop in Vancouver BC

We are Basone, a guitar company specializing in high quality handmade electrics & stringed instrument repair.

Basone was estabilished in 2004 in Gastown (across from the Steam Clock), but luthier Chris Bas had been working in the guitar manufacturing business since the mid nineties.

As far as our custom electrics go, we only use quality handpicked woods, electronics and hardware, paying very close attention to detail. Every individual electric’s neck width, scale, and radius is done pertaining to each model, offering options that you can not buy off the shelf.

At our shop, we provide many services to improve your current guitar, such as setups, fret dress, crack repair, spray jobs and more.

Besides our line of fine electrics and guitar repair services, you will find in store guitars by G&L, Voyage Air foldable travel guitars, Godin, Seagull, Ovation, Marshall, Breedlove, Hagstrom, Charvel, Fender, Parker, B.C. Rich, Ovation, Martin, Sigma, and Walden;

Electronics and hardware by Floyd Rose, Lollar Pickups, K&K, EMG, TonePros Kluson, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Gotoh, Graphtech, Bartolini, Reilander pickups (made in BC Canada) and B-Band;

A huge selection of strings brands such as Thomastik, Pyramid (Germany), DR (including neon and multi color), Dunlop, Elixir, Ernie Ball including Slinkies Titanium Coated strings, Dean Marley Blue Steel, D’addario including the NEW Nickel Wound XL strings, GHS, Curt Mangan, Dean Marley, Zack Wilde Series, Eddie Van Halen Premium Strings, David Gilmore Signature Strings, and Eric Clapton’s Choice Martin Strings; also accessories, hard-to-find part and more.

Basone also offers services for the Movie Industry, such as prop guitars for stunts and guitar replicas.

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